A mischievous dog has caused minor rail delays after wandering onto the track at Richmond this morning.

The dog was rescued by a mobile operations manager and was not harmed, but about six services at Richmond were halted while the animal was retrieved.

Passengers will see trains from Richmond slightly delayed due to the knock-on effect from the incident, but services are expected to return to normal at 12.45pm.

Hassard Stacpoole, a spokesman for South West Trains, said the dog had a lucky escape.

He said: “The dog has been retrieved and is alive and well and kicking. The railway is a very dangerous place.

"The third rail will kill you so it is a very lucky dog, I think Saint Francis was keeping an eye on him. Animals get killed on the railways just like on the roads.

"There have been residual delays because trains had to stop to let the dog be retrieved."

The dog, which was headed in the direction of St Margarets, has been retrieved and rail bosses are hoping to return it to its owner.

Mr Stacpoole said : “It is a very unusual incident. We do get animals on the track, but I think this is the first time a dog has caused issues – certainly in London.

"Sometimes in the West Country we get cows and sheep on the track, but dogs tend to be less common.”

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