Elmbridge Community Safety Partnership took part in this year’s national personal safety day, focused on using technology in public.

The annual event, with this year’s campaign titled Tech No Chances, raises awareness of the simple, practical solutions everyone can use to live safer lives.

The campaign, run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, encouraged people to take some commonsense precautions when using mobile phones and listening to music in public.

To support the campaign, Surrey Police and Elmbridge Council community safety officers spent the morning of Monday, October 8, giving out personal safety leaflets to young people at Hersham, Hinchey Wood, Walton and Weybridge stations.

Officers then handed out safety leaflets to commuters in the evening at Cobham, Esher, Hersham, Hinchey Wood, Oxshott, Walton and Weybridge stations.

Peter Kipps, community safety partnership manager, said: “The messages were aimed primarily at young people and the use of modern technology but interestingly, when officers were giving leaflets to young people, many adults stopped and asked for a copy of the leaflet.

“We were really impressed with the number of people who were interested in personal safety day, with more than 1,500 leaflets issued, and we will certainly support the campaign in future years.”

For more information on staying safe, visit elmbridge.gov.uk/safety.