A man from Esher has scooped an award from Kingston College after deciding on a career change.

Ashley Glover, 32, worked as a surveyor for nine years but decided to switch direction and train as a massage therapist.

Mr Glover said: “I am fascinated by how the body works and reacts to the stresses we place ourselves under and had an interest in anatomy and physiology probably stemming from an unusual medical history.

“This subsequently became more in depth when I began participating in regular exercise and sport.”

A regular trainer for cycling and triathlon events, Mr Glover frequently had massages to help is body recover and get the most benefit from his training.

This knowledge helped in his decision to enrol on the VTCT Swedish Massage course at Kingston College.

Alison Smales, head of section at Arena Beauty, said: “Ashley didn’t let any personal obstacles hinder his training and that determination has now enabled him to set up his own business and do the job he loves.”

Mr Glover has now added a sports massage qualification to his skills and has launched his own practice which now offers an onsite clinic in Sandown Park and a mobile service to surrounding areas.

For more information, visit agmassagetherapy.co.uk.