A world-renowned graphic designer shared the secrets behind his award-winning work with students at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Epsom.

Vaughan Oliver, best known for creating American band the Pixies’ album covers, talked about his 30-year career with the help of scores of unpublished images on Thursday, September 27.

The Grammy-Award nominated designer is famed for his dark imagery and innovative use of typography.  He began his career in the packaging design departments of Benchmark and then Michael Peters and Partners in London, and went on to design artwork for independent record label 4AD.

His unique approach to design has attracted an impressive list of clients including global film production companies, publishing houses, museums and advertising projects for L'Oreal and Coco de Mer.

Epsom-based Vaughan, who was awarded an honorary degree from UCA last year, said: "It was really interesting for me to speak to such a wide demographic, as I’m not used to talking to the general public, academics and students at the same time, but I really enjoyed the talk and was touched by the warm response from the audience.

"It’s a real privilege to receive an honorary degree from UCA because I think it highlights the cultural significance of record sleeves and that they’re not just something to stop records from falling off the shelves."

In 2010 Vaughan enlisted the help of several graphic design students at the university to work with him on a limited edition box-set for the Pixies which was nominated for a Grammy Award.

He added: "I was knocked out by the quality of the work they did for me on Minotaur - it was beyond awesome - it was life-affirming that these kids could create something so special with me.

"UCA is highly recognised and appreciated nationwide and we’re really lucky in Epsom to have it here on our doorstep."