A ‘LAUGHTER yoga' teacher has been employed using taxpayers' money.

Liza Moon’s classes combine yoga breathing techniques with forced laughter to release chemicals in the brain which relieve stress and reduce pain.

She is being paid by the Waltham Forest Community Learning and Skills Service (ClaSS), which is funded by the Skills Funding Agency.

The classes are due to be held at Rush Croft and Heathcote schools, both in Chingford, and are set to start next year.

The amount Ms Moon is being paid has not been revealed, but she believes the expenditure is justified as the classes will help people in difficult economic times.

She said: “It can help with depression and reduces pain and stress.

"At a time when people are going to be affected because they are losing their jobs, this is something that can help with depression and lift up people's mindsets.

“It is such a simple thing but it can do so much for a person's health.”

“Laughing can be contagious and when people are watching other people laugh, they will start laughing as well.

“When a person starts to laugh, the brain tells the mind that a person is happy, thereby releasing those chemicals.”

The course is set to cost £41.

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