PROSTITUES, pimps and drug dealers have turned a street into a red light district, according to residents and business owners.

The Junction of Dunton Road and Lea Bridge Road in Leyton is a known hotspot for curb crawlers looking to pay for sex.

Residents, who were too afraid of the criminals who ply their trade near their homes, said working girls can be seen on the street 24 hours a day.

They say the situation is getting worse and criticised the authorities for not tackling the problem.

A Dunton Road mother said: “This area is so terrible, I want to move.

“I have got three teenagers and it is not something I want them to be seeing.

“When we have called the police they have just told them to keep the noise down.”

Junaid Syed, a manager at the nearby All seasons Hotel in Lea Bridge Road said girls regularly try to book rooms at the hotel.

He added: “The women know that we know their faces so they do not come in anymore to book rooms.

“They have tried using guys, but the moment we realised it was one of these girls we have kicked them out. So, for some time, we have not had problems with them.

“It is really not nice for our guests, especially families, to see this kind of thing.”

A Lea Bridge Road resident and member of staff at raw gym, next to the hotel, said, he has seen the area decline over a number of years.

He added: “It's like a domino effect.

“Prostitution and drugs go hand in hand with violence and this area has got a lot worse, with more gangs hanging around the area.

“I am big man and I can look after myself but even I don't like being out in this area after 9pm.”

The Deputy Borough Commander, Superintendent Adrian Hutchinson, said: "Prostitution is a long term issue that police are working to address.

"Simply moving the problem from one residential area to another is however not the answer.

"Whilst not a resident ward panel priority, police are conducting high visibility patrols to deter both prostitutes and their clients."

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