CAMPAIGNERS will take their legal fight against the expansion of City Airport to the High Court tomorrow.

Residents' group Fight The Flights (FTF) has taken Newham Council to the Royal Courts of Justice in central London over granting planning permission to expand the airport in July 2009.

People across east London, including many in Wanstead, have demanded a reversal of plans to increase air traffic to limit the noise of flights overhead.

FTF argues that, in giving the green light, Newham ignored the Government's stance on the effect of increased flights on climate change, and failed to consult neighbouring authorities and residents, including in Redbridge.

In February this year, Redbridge Council complained to Newham that it had not been consulted over the decision to allow the airport to potentially double its capacity to 120,000 flights a year.

FTF member and Wanstead resident Trevor Gordon, of Mansfield Road, said: “It is very important that they win. Both City Airport and the London Borough of Newham have trampled over countless people’s quality of life with no consultation whatsoever.

“If they get away with this, they will become even more arrogant, and who knows what else they may have plans for.

“If the case is lost, the expansion of City Airport will ensue, and instead of having screaming jets over our homes every five minutes in the evening, it will be every two minutes.

“It would be great news for all the residents of Wanstead, and other parts of Redbridge similarly affected, if FTF win this case, as it will stop City Airport's expansion in its tracks. The noise and pollution would, at least, get no worse.

“We can then shift the fight to National Air Traffic Service or the Civil Aviation Authority and the flight path shift that caused our loss of peace in the first place.”

Darren Johnson, Green party member on the London Assembly, who is backing the group's campaign, said: “The residents around the airport, and more widely in east London, have been let down by Newham Council and the Mayor of London.

“Neighbouring boroughs were not consulted and environmental groups have made an overwhelming case against expansion. The pollution, noise and health impacts are too high a price for more flights.

“Despite his bluster about sweetening the air the Mayor of London failed to intervene to prevent the massive expansion in flights at City Airport when he had the opportunity. I hope to see the court overturn this destructive decision.”

The hearing will begin at 10.30am and is expected to last until Friday afternoon.

The Guardian has asked Redbridge Council and Newham Council for a comment.