It was 40 years ago this weekend that guitar legend Jimi Hendrix left earth for a psychedelic super gig in the sky.

His untimely death, in a Notting Hill flat, sent shock waves around the world. Hendrix was one of the most influential rock musicians of the time and is still considered to be the greatest electric guitarist in the history of rock music.

But the king of feedback, who once set light to his Fender guitar during a gig at the London Astoria in 1967, may be gone but he is not forgotten.

And to commemorate the anniversary of his death, London's The Cumberland hotel, Hendrix’s last known address, is unveiling a Hendrix suite, designed to pay homage to the rock star's trademark psychedelic style.

Hendrix was a regular visitor to the hotel, just off Park Lane and next to Marble Arch tube station, during his frequent trips to London and held a fifth floor suite there during September 1970, shortly before he died. His last known interview was with former NME journalist Keith Altham at the hotel, and Altham has since taken an active role in creating the suite to honour Hendrix.

Watch video footage of the suite including an interview with Altham about his knowledge of Hendrix and clips from Hendrix's last known interview.

Conceived by interior designer, Mary Gannon, the Hendrix Suite includes statement lighting, flamboyant colours and psychedelic stylised patterns, as well as authentic fabrics covered in vintage fairs from specialist collectors.

One wall displays framed originals of NME covers from the 1960s featuring Hendrix, while its centrepiece is a flaming three-metre Hendrix mural by renowned graphic designer Andie Airfix, whose previous works include designs for Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

* The Hendrix Suite will be available to guests from September 20 but you can have a nosey this weekend. Contact The Cumberland Hotel for more information.