Worcester Park is not normally a place associated with gangster movies.

But it was chosen as the backdrop for new crime flick The Ballad of Mulla and Mullins starring actor Alan Ford, better known as Bricktop from Guy Ritchie’s Snatch.

Budding director Matthew Lindsey, 29, and producer Louis Cardona, 23, a Worcester Park native, decided to set the 15-minute film, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, in Worcester Park.

Mr Cardona said: “We were finding it hard to find a location but we knew we need somewhere spacious, easily-accessible and cheap to keep production costs down.

“There is a kind of empty gym-type building near my parents' house in Worcester Park which was perfect as several scenes from the film are shot in a basement.”

The film is set over different periods, starting in the present and moving back to the 1930s, and tells two stories, one about the soul of a psychotic hit man and one of two boys growing up on the streets London.

Mr Lindsey met actor Jason Wing, who plays one of the film’s central characters, at an actor’s class they both attended and one evening his friend handed him a script he had written.

He said: “I can remember sitting around that evening eating dinner and reading the script. It was a one act play and it was amazing. It was a journey through the lonely soul of a hit man that had almost a Shakespearian quality, I instantly loved it.

“In the play, Johnson [a hit man played by Ford] tells a corpse the story of two boys that grow to become the gang lords of their day.”

The screenplay was finished in January this year but the young film-makers wanted to see their creation at one of the summer’s respected film festivals.

Mr Lindsey said: “We thought about Raindance, but then decided to try for the short film corner at Cannes. I knew it was lofty but I’ve never got anywhere in this world by thinking small. So, Cannes it was.”

But they needed a lead actor to carry the film’s main character, Johnson.

He said: “We hatched a plan to get Alan cast as Johnson, it was perfect for him. We got the script in Alan’s hands and after a single day with the script he called back – he loved it.”

The rest of the film’s cast was filled up by other members of Lindsey and Cardona’s acting class. In May the film debuted at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival and earned rave reviews.