A “PERFECTIONIST” committed suicide after becoming worried about work, an inquest heard.

John Evans, 58, from Beaconsfield, was found hanging by his wife when she awoke at their Mynchen Road home on March 23.

Anita Evans said he “looked a bit down” the evening before when he came home from his job as a consultant electrical engineer at Heathrow Airport's Terminal Five.

She told the inquest at Wycombe Magistrates Court that he said he was worried about a problem he had discovered at work which “could become serious.”

The nature of the problem was not disclosed at the inquest.

Mrs Evans added: “He rarely spoke to me about work issues. I felt it was out in the open and something that would be discussed.”

She said after his death she questioned the company which said “there was nothing of any great dire concern.”

She said: “He was a perfectionist. We feel he felt there was something which had happened where he wasn't completely happy with himself.

“That was the only answer anyone could come up with.”

Coroner Richard Hulett said Mr Evans could have made a problem “larger in his mind than it really was, especially if he was a perfectionist”.

He recorded a verdict that he took his own life.