RESIDENTS of a controversial prefab estate have been meeting with a property developer and a council to discuss its future.

People from Catford’s Excalibur estate have been expressing their views at discussion meetings attended by L&Q housing association and Lewisham Council.

Homes were likely to be demolished and redeveloped as part of a transfer from the Council to L&Q after residents complained of poor living conditions.

But Lewisham Council announced it was considering classifying the scheme as a "regeneration" meaning people would not be able to vote on what happened to the estate.

Residents have divided opinions about what should happen to their homes.

Denise Marie of Ector Road said: “Basically I want a nice warm house for my kids. Where my sofa is it’s literally black with mould. I’m there every single week cleaning it down.

The 37-year-old added: “When the winter comes it’s a nightmare. We’re spending a lot of money on central heating.”

Michelle Byrne of Persant Road said: “My house is riddled with damp. My furniture is ruined. It’s disgusting.”

The mother-of-two added: “I’m sick and tired of these people who want to save the prefabs being splashed all over the paper. Shouldn’t people’s health come first?”

But Theresa Borg of Wentland Close wants to stay in her home and says households should be allowed to vote.

Mrs Borg said: “It’s so wrong that our vote has just been snatched away from us. We are not going to have a ballet but are still having L&Q. Whatever happened to democracy?”

The 44-year-old added: “It’s a wonderful community. People have lived here for donkey’s years. It’s safe. There’s low crime. I know all my neighbours. Why wouldn’t you want to stay?”

A council spokesman said: “Once officers have looked through the feedback and comments from these consultation events we will be preparing a report to go to Mayor and Cabinet sometime in March for consideration.”