ONE man was arrested for heroin possession and another tried to swallow his drugs stash as cops swooped on a pub in Harrow Weald.

Officers from the Met's Territorial Support Group raided the Weald Stone Inn this evening, storming into the bar area and arresting five people for possession of class A drugs.

Several small bags of suspected heroin were seized in the search of the High Road pub, along with packages of cocaine.

One man appeared to try to swallow the substance he had on him as officers were searching him for drugs. He was taken to hospital by paramedics, and is under arrest for suspected drug possession and obstruction.

The raid, involving specialist officers, drugs dogs, and Harrow Police, was carried out at 9.45pm this evening on the back of intelligence that drug taking and drug dealing was happening in the pub.

Officers decked in riot helmets and body armour flooded the pub, handcuffing punters before searching them for illegal substances.

On top of the five drug arrests, one man was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in a public place and two were caution for cannabis possession.

Inspector Paul Wakeford, who led the operation, said he was pleased with the raid, which would send out a strong message to would-be drug dealers in Harrow.

He said: “That type of activity on a Friday night is a generator for all the anti-social behaviour and associated crime in the Wealdstone corridor.

“This was a very successful raid that made an impact for the local community, especially those here lawfully drinking and enjoying the pub.

“We have shown that illegal activity will not be tolerated.”

He added: “This pub has become a focal point for drug dealing and anti-social behaviour, and the management have to do something about it.”

Councillor Susan Hall, deputy leader of Harrow Council, joined officers on the raid and praised their efforts to drive out drug dealing from Harrow's pubs.

She said: “The successes tonight just prove the value of these raids.

“I'm extremely grateful to the TSG because these sorts of tactics let drug dealers know they are not welcome here.”

Tonight's operation also included a similar raid on The Laurels pub, which is opposite The Weald Stone Inn in High Road.

No arrests were made and no drugs were found in the pub, and Inspector Wakeford said it should be commended because a clean bill of health makes it an unlikely source of trouble in the Wealdstone streets later in the night.