HEAVY rainfall has led to flood warnings across the Epping Forest District as the River Roding threatens to burst its banks.

Flood warnings from the Environment Agency are still in place for several areas, including Loughton, Chigwell, Abridge and Ongar.

There is also a flood watch warning in place along Cripsey Brook, which runs through Epping, Ongar and North Weald.

An official Environment Agency warning said: “River levels will contuinue to rise steadily throughout and will remain out of banks in places throughout the morning. Property may be at risk of flooding in some areas including Loughton. Some roads will be affected by flooding. Extra care should be taken when driving.”

Crews from Loughton fire station have been called out to help colleagues in Brentwood to relieve their crews who were attending flooding on a housing estate.

A spokesman said they had received calls from Oakwood Hill Estate, Loughton about flooding but didn’t expect it to be serious.

Over in Ongar, firefighter Steve Finn said they were called out to rescue a couple from a floating car in Blackmore near Ongar.

He added that there was some flooding in Stonden Massey.

He said: "Some of the roads are really quite bad but I think people are being quite sensible. We’ve been quite quiet really.”

The flooded Roding has forced the closure of the B172, Abridge Road from Theydon Bois, although Abridge is still accessible from the A113 Ongar Road.

Goran Raven, manager of the Abridge Shell Garage said one of his larger clients had been forced to turn back from the road.

He said:"We got a phone call saying, we can't reach you, the road is completely flooded, there's just no way through, so they said they would turn back."

Jane Shufflebotham, owner of the Abridge Florist on Market Place described the river as "more of a lake than a river today"

She said:"The roads are not flooded here, but the river is really high, I've seen a few people struggling to get around."

Are you affected by the floods? if so please call the Epping Forest Guardian Newsdesk on 020 8498 3460.