The Asparagus pub in Battersea is to add between 10p and 15p per unit to the cost of its drinks, in response to "rowdyism" complaints from Latchmere residents.

People living near the pub say they have had to deal with the effects of its cheap alcohol on punters for many months, including fighting and urinating in the streets, and abuse and threats levelled at them.

One resident complained about how easy it was for punters to drink themselves silly at the pub, where the cheapest bottled beer costs just £1.50 and spirits and mixers can be purchased for only £1.70.

But the pub chain insisted it had not been offering any inducement for people to drink more, despite the fact its prices were less than half those in many Wandsworth watering holes.

However, it is currently running a special offer across all its outlets in which customers can present a special voucher, posted through letterboxes, which will allow them one discounted drink, such as a pint of Carling for £1.39.

The Asparagus, whose management said it was taking residents' concerns seriously, will raise prices this month, bringing it in line with Putney Wetherspoon pub the Railway, in Upper Richmond Road.

Stuart Moore, general manager of south-east England's Wetherspoon's, said: "We've reviewed our business in Battersea and we think it's appropriate to raise prices there.

"We're working closely with the police to make sure we control any issues with the pub.

"We are sympathetic to residents' complaints and are trying to do anything we can to appease them."

He refused to comment on whether the Asparagus was trying to price out some of its less desirable customers.