A Wimbledon resident is hoping to take part in a Vintage Air Rally that will travel from Ushuaia - the southern-most city in the world - to Florida, covering 19 countries over 42 days.

Michael Wingenroth, 46, and his friend Martin Gosling, 73, will fly on antique aeroplanes over 9,200 miles on the rally - that's if they're selected to take part.

The Vintage Air Rally has only happened once before, last year from Crete to Cape Town, and has had a total of 675 people from 73 countries registering to take part this year.

That figure has been whittled down to a shortlist of 60 people based on submitted entry videos - and that includes Michael and Martin thanks to the amount of support they got on their Facebook video. The friends are now hoping they will be among the crews of 15 planes flying over countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Cuba.

The Vintage Air Rally would be held from March 1 to April 14 2018 and will go from Ushuaia, in Argentina, to Florida.

It will travel through 19 countries in total which include with 15 planes selected to take part.

It involves taking very old aircrafts and to do incredible journeys with them, achieving difficult and demanding routes.

Michael, who has a long history of flying planes, said: “My motto is 'Life's too short' and so in this case life is too short to miss an opportunity like this!"

"I've never flown in South America or Central America and I’ve dreamt of flying there ever since travelling around Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

“It will be so amazing to see those countries from the air.

“Having focused almost entirely on air racing to get my flying kick for the past 5 years, I am keen to do some adventure flying again. The competitive nature of the Rally together with its adventurous nature make for an irresistible combination."