Every single pupil has already comprehended that schools are facing economical struggles, as changes in schools are easily identified.

By analysis, it is reported that 98% of the schools face real term budget cuts. In prediction, there will be a £3 billion cut in funding by the year 2020. Additionally, it is concluded that there will be an average of £339 loss for each primary school pupil and a £477 loss for each secondary school pupil.

Some schools which received funding before, still faced boundaries of financial struggles and challenges in the keeping of high quality appearance and education. With the involvement of budget cuts, it would lead to a complete catastrophe; it may result in closures of certain schools if no alternative options will be available to them.

In many people’s views, less opportunities for students would increase the amount of low skilled workers in the future years. Britain, would you want low skilled workers in the future?

Students that learn today are the future of the whole country! They would lead the future democracy, communication and the development of the world we live in today.

The affect of budget cuts results, less teacher assistances to be present, which means that lessons are all relied on one teacher. It doesn’t only affect the learning of pupils, but the teachers independence too. It is found that 36% of the respondents to a survey said that the budget for supply staff is going to be or is already reduced. The lower the profit is paid, the more it’s likely for less people wanting to work as supply staff.

Many respondents also showed fear in relation to the affect of the cuts. One prediction was that, funding pressures could affect students who require additional learning needs as less support might be provided for them due to the circumstances.

Some primary school staff obtained the changes and announced: “there is a significant change in the opportunities for children, and in result, they cannot gain as many skills as other students did in the previous years”. “Children with additional learning needs, require more help, but with less teachers, its hard to keep up with that because you are responsible for a full class of 30 pupils”.

So what is trying to be done?

It is publicly known that the MP ‘Tom Brake’ who represents the ‘Liberal Democrats’ party is collecting petitions to tackle and stop school cuts. From the information on his website, he commented:

Nearly every local secondary school Headteacher and many primary school Headteachers have written to me about funding cuts to schools and have expressed their severe concerns. Parents are worried sick by these cuts and the effect that they will have on their children's education.” -Tom Brake.

So far, from the date of 19/11/17 and time 17:40pm 645 out of 1000 names have signed up to support this campaign. If it will be successful and will gain the right amount of signed up names, action will be taken to try and persuade the government to support this campaign and do something about it.

It will not be fair if the funding cuts will affect our education unless it only improves it. As Solomon Ortiz once said: “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”.

By Anzelika Gerika, Carshalton High School For Girls