A defibrillator will be donated to a Wallington secondary school in memory of 37-year-old former pupil who died from a sudden cardiac arrest a year ago.

The life-saving kit will be given to the Wallington County Grammar School for Boys in a presentation due to take place at 11am on Thursday (November 16), the first anniversary of Michael’s death.

Since Michael Grace’s sudden passing, family and friends have been raising awareness of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and their fundraising has enabled them to make the donation. The defibrillator, which will work to restore heart rhythm in sudden cardiac arrest cases, increasing the survival rate to 50 per cent, will be placed in Michael’s old school in his memory and will help provide simple-to-use, potentially life-saving medical assistance.

Anne Jolly MBE, founder of SADS UK – an organisation leading a campaign to have defibrillators installed in all schools – said: “Michael’s family and friends have raised a lot of awareness in their community, letting people know that cardiac arrest can affect all ages. SADS UK is pleased that Wallington County Grammar School for Boys will benefit from having a defibrillator to restart the heart if there is a cardiac arrest on the premises.”

Kerry Grace, Michael’s sister, has helped lead the fundraising campaign. She said: “Being able to donate this defibrillator to Michael’s old school in his memory, knowing that they will have quick access to equipment to help save a young life, brings us some comfort.”

For anyone who would like more information about placing a defibrillator not just in their local school, but also anywhere in their community more generally, SADS UK can be reached on telephone number 01277 811215 or email info@sadsuk.org. Alternatively, you can visit sadsuk.org.