The best and worst secondary schools in Bromley for pupil progression have been revealed.

Provisional results were released today by the government that show how well students did in their GCSE and English Baccalaureate exams.

The schools were ranked on how much grades went up and were given a Progress 8 score.

If the Progress 8 score is above zero it means the school has progressed. If it is below zero it means it has regressed.

In Bromley, Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley made the most progress with a score of +1.06.

Just 33 schools in England achieved scores of 1 or above, including two other Harris academies in Morden and Battersea.

David Astin, Principal of Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley, said:“We are so pleased to be one of very few schools in England to achieve this score for pupil progress.

“We want all of our students to succeed to the very best of their ability, regardless of their achievement levels when they come to us in Year 7.

“These figures show that girls at Harris Bromley make more progress compared to other schools.

“That is down to the high expectations we encourage our students to have and the consistently high quality of teaching and learning that takes place at Harris Bromley.

“I would encourage any local parents who are considering schools for their daughter for September 2018 to come and see for themselves what we have to offer at Harris Girls Academy Bromley.”

Here are the full results:

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley: +1.06

St Olave’s and St Saviours Grammar School: +0.95

Newstead Wood School: +0.79

Harris Academy Orpington: +0.73

Langley Park School for Girls: +0.55

Bullers Wood School: +0.34

Harris Academy Beckenham: +0.27

Langley Park School for Boys: +0.27

Hayes School: +0.24

Chislehurst School for Girls: +0.22

Darrick Wood School: +0.19

Bishop Justus C of E School: +0.17

Charles Darwin School: +0.03

Coopers School: +0.003

The Ravensbourne School: -0.01

Ravens Wood School: -0.25

Kenmal Technology College: -0.82

Some schools have still not received their provisional results.