Concerns have been raised following another car smash in an accident blackspot where "there are near misses everyday". 

The junction of the A217 St Dunstan’s Hill / A232 Cheam Road was the scene of the two-car crash at around 8pm on Sunday, where emergency services attended although nobody required hospital treatment.

Road users took to Twitter to express concerns, including one man who said he had seen “numerous near misses” and accidents at the crossroads.

Another said his children crossed the junction twice a day for school and it was “simply unsafe”.

Cllr Mary Burstow, who represents Cheam, told Sutton Guardian: “There have been a number of accidents there in the last ten years.

“I have asked TfL for stats on accidents at this junction and would like to hear what road traffic engineers would recommend to reduce the accident rate.

“I believe the direction of the arrows should be changed from North - South to from East - West, as drivers are often confused as to where their cars should be positioned. They don’t know how to do the right hand turn properly.”

MP for Sutton and Cheam, Paul Scully, met with TfL in July to discuss scenarios to decrease the danger.

He told Sutton Guardian: "I didn't feel that there was any will to make changes.

"It's terrible that it takes an accident to focus minds. I hope now TfL will heed the call of local residents who witness near misses every day and act swiftly. I also hope that those in the accident are ok."

Mr Scully said road markings may need to be changed to make right turns easier and safer.

Nigel Hardy, head of sponsorship and road space management at TfL, said: “The safety of all road users is our top priority and we are constantly reviewing our road network to ensure it remains as safe as possible.

"We are aware of concerns raised by residents about the A217 in Sutton and we are looking into possible improvements.”