A restaurant in Crystal Palace is going to feature in an upcoming episode of Liar.

Filming for the new ITV show took place at Joanna’s restaurant for one day in February this year, with a few of the staff members also getting in on the action.

Restaurant manager Zhenya Santos said: "It was all very interesting.

"Myself, a barman and the chef all got to be in the background for a couple of shots. It really wasn't anything extraordinary."

So how did it come about that this particular restaurant caught the eye of the people behind Liar?

Ms Santos thinks she knows the answer.

"I think the main producer on the show was a customer here before," she said.

"So it was really pleasing to hear they like us enough to want to film."

As for which episode to look out for, that will just have to remain a mystery.

"They didn't tell us which episode it was either," Ms Santos said. "So we'll just have to wait and see I guess."