A review is being carried out into whether a parking zone in Hampton Wick should extend to Sundays.

The consultation was carried out by Richmond Council to consider the status of the Hampton Wick Community Parking Zone (CPZ) in Zone X after concerns raised by residents.

The review follows complaints by residents concerning congestion and access issues when the CPZ is not in operation on Sundays. It currently operates 8.30am to 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

People have also said that they have had difficulties in finding parking spaces near their homes on these days, believed to be largely caused by shoppers and visitors of Kingston town centre.

A decision is expected to be reached in September.

A Hampton Wick Association spokesperson said: “The problem is that the current residential parking controls only operate Monday to Saturday."

“Kingston shoppers know this and use Hampton Wick as a free car park on Sundays.

“Not only do residents’ spaces get taken but, more importantly, people park on single yellow lines.

“The simple, quick and low-cost solution is to extend our existing parking controls to include Sundays so people are not allowed to park on single yellows, the problem really is only on Sundays.

“We don’t need double yellows because this loses flexibility the rest of the week when we’re not under pressure from Kingston shoppers.

“They are also obtrusive visually and we are a conservation area.

A Richmond Council spokesperson said: “The results [of the consultation] will be analysed and once this work is completed, a decision on the way forward is expected later in September.”

More than 50 per cent of the total households in the area must be in favour of changing the operational hours or days of a CPZ to satisfy criteria, and if there is sufficient support then the council will move to the second stage in seeking feedback on specific proposals.

The council has said that any increase in the operational hours or days of the CPZ will not increase in the cost of business parking permits as a direct result of the change.