The incumbent Harrow MPs both held onto their seats following the results of the Generel Election 2017.

Voters took to the polls yesterday (Thursday, June 8), with turnout for the Harrow East constituency being 71.07 per cent and 72.33 per cent in Harrow West.

Gareth Thomas, who has been MP for Harrow West since 1997, clung onto his seat once more after winning 30,640 votes – which was 8,755 more than the previous election.

He stormed ahead of Conservative candidate Hannah David, who gained 17,326 votes and Chris Noyce for the Liberal Democrats, who got 1,268 votes.

Charles Langley received 652 votes for the Green Party and Rathy Alagaratnam gained 470 for UKIP.

Bob Blackman also saw an increase in votes after it was announced at the count, which was held at Harrow Leisure Centre, in Christchurch Avenue, that he received 25,129 votes in Harrow East.

In the 2015 General Election, he received 24,668 votes. 

He was closely followed by Labour candidate Navin Shah, who got 23,372.

Adam Bernard stood for the Liberal Democrats and gained 1573 votes and Emma Wallace received 771 for the Green Party.


Mr Thomas told The Harrow Times that he was “blown away” by the result and did not expect it.

He said: “It is a huge relief, as it was a seat the Conservatives were targeting very hard.

“They had huge resources and I feel humbled, as it has been a long campaign.

“This has been an inconvenient election for a number of reasons – particularly as I became a father just before the election was announced in April.”

During his winner’s speech, he said: “This is an election campaign that should never have taken place and the message coming loud and clear is that the country does not want a hard Brexit.

“Over the next five years I hope to continually serve the people of Harrow West.

“I have always lived in this area and I hope to do my best for the people.”

Mr Blackman also spoke to The Harrow Times after the results were announced and admitted he was surprised by the outcome.

He said: “I am delighted to gain an increased vote. Labour has done extremely well around different areas in London and so it feels like a big achievement to have done well for the Conservatives.

“I expected the result to be the other way round however, I am looking forward to another five years of fully enjoying being a member of parliament.

“It is about representing the people and carrying through the promises that you make.”

In his speech, he mentioned that the Conservatives had “learnt lessons” from this election, but he was “grateful for the confidence the public had shown" in him.