A masked superhero is reportedly protecting residents on the streets of south-east London.

Two people, who contacted News Shopper anonymously, said they were rescued by the 'masked saviour' over the weekend.

In one incident the rescuer allegedly saved someone from a gang of muggers in Hither Green

He was called into action again a few days later when a woman says he saved her from being mugged in the early hours of the morning in Glenesk Road, Eltham.

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She told News Shopper: "On my way home I was attacked by two men one grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the ground.

"I was so frightened I wasn't sure if they just wanted my bag or anything else.

"Then my hero, a masked man turned up he moved so fast and got these two people off of me with a few punches."

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The mysterious do-gooder was described by both witnesses as being short, around 25 years old and with swept back dark hair.

This isn't the first time a vigilante superhero has taken to the streets of the News Shopper area.

Several people have reported being rescued by the Bromley Batman since last year, although according to one witness this is a different hero.

She said: "I know this was not the Bromley Batman but someone new, who cares aswell, maybe it's his sidekick, Batman always did have Robin."

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