Action is being taken to remove a group of travellers who have gained access to council-owned land overnight. 

It is understood the travellers broke into the field in Sewardstone Road and changed the padlock chain. 

Chingford Rugby Club (CRC) in Waltham Way rent the pitches from Waltham Forest council, which says it is aware of the trespass and have a security team on-site, including a guard dog handler.  

The video below shows the authorities breaking a chain to access the site and approach the travellers.

Around six caravans have been parked in a circle formation across two pitches and children can be seen running around and playing. 

A council spokesman said: "We are aware of the situation and already have security on site.

"Enforcement action is underway and will be progressed as quickly as possible."

CRC manager Daniel Michael said he hopes the travellers are removed in time for training. 

He said: "Police phoned last night and told me they had broken in. The gate was secured, padlocked and shut. 

"We need them out as soon as possible. 

"Luckily our game tomorrow is at Woodford Rugby Club but the pitches are needed on Sunday for our different age group training sessions. 

"Hopefully they will be gone before the start of the weekend."