A bronze statue of comedy legend Spike Milligan was unveiled in Finchley yesterday.

The statue, in the grounds of Avenue House, in East End Road, depicts the comedian and former Finchley resident sitting on a park bench, turning as if to speak to someone next to him.

More than 200 people attended the ceremony, with speeches from comedian Roy Hudd and former chat show host Michael Parkinson.

David Smith, secretary of the Spike Milligan Statue Fund, which raised the money for the statue, said: “We had a very good turnout, the atmosphere was very happy. It wasn’t like a memorial service, it was a time for celebration and joy, and reminiscing.”

The group started fundraising in April 2004 and carried out quizzes, lunches and dinners to raise money. Among donations were a contribution from the Prince of Wales.

Comedians Maureen Lipman and Victoria Wood also held a concert at Middlesex University in 2010, and there were collections at Hampstead Theatre.

Mr Smith added: “We have had a lot of compliments from people. We are very pleased and relieved.”