St Helier Hospital is in “in the middle range” for food quality in England, according to a study of hospitals in England.

Overall, St Helier was given a ranking of 699 out of 1,258 institutions where data was available.

As part of the 2014 Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment programme, teams of assessors visited every hospital and tasted the food on a sample of wards.

After sampling every item of offer, they rated it for taste, temperature, texture and how well it was served.

Their views were brought together in a single percentage score.

St Helier’s score of 93.79 per cent for food quality compares with 85.86 per cent at nearby Croydon University Hospital, which was ranked 1,061.

This is despite Croydon Health Services NHS Trust spending £10.90 on food per patient per day compared to £10.02 at St Helier.

St Helier Hospital scored 86.24 per cent for food choice, also placing it “in the middle range”, according to data released by NHS England.

Trevor Fitzgerald, Director of Estates, Facilities and Capital Projects for the Trust, said:

“We are pleased to see all of the encouraging feedback we have received from our patients as part of the assessment developed by the Health & Social Care Information Centre. 

“Patient meals are something currently under scrutiny on a national level, so it is particularly encouraging to note that we have consistently been rated strongly for the food served at our hospitals.

“We continually strive for improvement in every aspect of our patients’ care, and the food served at our hospitals is no different; as of October, our catering company Mitie will be launching a new seasonal menu developed in collaboration with the Trust’s dieticians that will continue to accommodate all of our patients’ requirements. 

“Mitie will also be giving members of the public a stronger idea of our patient food at our Annual Public Meeting. This event will take place on Monday September 15, and we would like to encourage anyone interested in the Trust’s development to attend.”