A student has invented a gadget she hopes will transform the lives of people with bipolar disorder.

Middlesex University student Megan Harley, who lives in Hendon, was inspired to create the product, called 'Aware', by a family member who is bipolar.

She realised that disturbed sleep can be a massive issue for bipolar sufferers. Before a relapse, some do not sleep for three or more days.

Her product is a wristband worn at night, which measures and monitors sleep, and notifies the wearer of patterns that may indicate an imminent relapse.

Miss Harley, 21, said: "I would like to work with focus groups of people living with bipolar disorder, to make sure Aware meets their needs as closely as possible.

"It would also be great to be able to discuss the idea further with mental health charities like Bipolar UK and Mind, and with the NHS."