A worker at a Surbiton massage parlour has been slapped with a police caution for operating without the correct licence.

A 45-year-old woman was cautioned after a raid on Chinese Therapy Centre, in Ewell Road, by police on Wednesday, August 27.

This Is Local London:

She and another woman, 35, were arrested for suspected prostitution offences but later released.

Police said they walked in on a man at the parlour who admitted he was offered sex.

A Kingston police spokeswoman said: "The occupiers were providing clients with special treatment, namely massage and acupuncture, without a valid licence.

“A 45-year-old woman was questioned in relation to the services offered.

“She was arrested on suspicion of controlling prostitution for gain and providing special treatment without a valid licence.

“Following a investigation she was given a caution for using a premises without the required special licence.

“No further action was taken against her in relation to the prostitution.”

A third woman was arrested for a suspected immigration offence but was also released.

The raid was ordered after residents raised concerns about the parlour.

No one from the parlour was available for comment on an advertised mobile phone number or the shop’s landline.

This Is Local London:

There are glowing reviews of massage services on the parlour’s website.

“John”, from Kingston, said: "Now I am in trouble because I am addicted to massage.

"Oriental massage ladies were very friendly and they techniques were super!"

“Pete”, from Surbiton, said: “Best one hour of my life, massage lady was lovely and passionate with her service.

“I felt relax and very comfortable.”

The parlour was closed this week, with a sign on the door saying the business was experiencing “problems with the electricity and water”.

It can remain open, a Kingston Council spokesman confirmed, as long as it does not offer services for which it is not licensed.

Prices for massage services ranged from £30 for half an hour, to £80 for an hour of work by two masseuses.