A young girl has raised almost £4,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust in dedication to her brother who is currently battling bone cancer.

Urussa Khan, 17, spent six days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa in June, just eight months after 13-year-old Fardeen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

Miss Khan from Leyton decided to help young people going through gruelling cancer treatment across the UK after her family was given the news of her brother’s illness in October.

In January she came up with a plan to travel to her native Africa and take on the tough mountain hike with her father.

Miss Khan then spent the next few months working hard to secure sponsors with help from schools in the borough including George Tomlinson Primary School, Leytonstone School and STEM Academy in Islington.

In total she has now raised £3,904. She said: “It was a real challenge but I had it in my head that it was for cancer research and I had to carry on.

“I raised money for Great Ormond Street last year but when my brother got diagnosed I was inspired to raise more money for people with cancer.

“He had an operation last week on Monday because they found spots on his lungs.

“My brother thinks I am quite brave and he said he is proud.”

Mum Zahira Khan said she is immensely proud of all of her children.

“When Fardeen was diagnosed it was so shocking. We were just crying and crying,” she added.

“He went down to the computer at night time and Googled cancer and he came to me and said he was going to die.

“My daughter has been so amazing – everyone was shocked that she just said she is going to get up and raise money.

“God blessed me with all of my children.”

To find out more about Urussa’s journey or donate, click here.