CATS Protection is working to help a large feral colony of cats in Harlington.

The cats have bred out of control and people living nearby cannot cope with the numbers.

A spokesman said: “We can only trap, neuter and return these cats, unless suitable homes can be found for them. We would like to seek the help the wider community.

“As the Bracknell and Wokingham branch, we are making a 60-mile round trip, taking roughly five hours each time, to help with this feral colony.

“These cats would ideally suit a farm or stables, as they often do not like human contact.

“Feral cats rely on other cats for companionship, so we would look to home at least two together.

"Some could be a family unit consisting of mum, dad and at least one offspring. There are also a large number of feral kittens.

“All the cats will be neutered, flea and worm treated and given a clean bill of health.

"Random cats will also be FIV/FELV tested, so we are assured they are not carrying this disease.

“The will make ideal mouse and rat catchers as they are young, fit and healthy. If anyone could offer any of them a home, please contact us.

“Of course, if they become injured or sick, veterinary treatment must be sought."

Anne Campbell, feral co-ordinator, is the person to email on

You can also call the helpline on 0845 371 4212 or visit the website at

The spokesman added: “Of course if you are interested in a socialised family cat, we currently have plenty of those as well!”