Is it time for London's boundary to be redrawn to include Epsom? 

Last month, Barney Stringer, a director at London planning consultancy Quod, raised the question of whether London is too small.

His argument was based on the release of data from the 2011 Census, showing people’s journeys to work. 

Based on this, Mr Stringer said there is an argument that the map of London could be redrawn "to reflect the reality of its huge economic pull on the wider south east".

He said: "It’s about raising a question - not because I have the answer on whether one area should change its boundary or not."

His blog article outlining his premise said: "These are not so much dormitory towns, as a whole dormitory belt around London that is utterly dependent on the city for work.

"In many cases entire districts - Epping Forest, Spelthorne, Epsom and Ewell, and Three Rivers - provide fewer jobs for their residents than London does.

"Is it time re-draw London’s boundaries once again, to embrace these areas that already function as part of the city?

"Or are there other ways to integrate London’s hinterland, perhaps by giving the Mayor of London greater powers over transport and housing beyond London’s boundaries?"

Epsom's position on the edge of the capital has an impact on many aspects of life from its current exclusion from travel Zone 6 to the situation with its hospital which is part of a London NHS trust although the surrounding GPs are part of Surrey NHS.

Epsom and Ewell was considered for inclusion within Greater London in the early 1960s, but it is understood that the idea was not welcomed and the proposition did not come to anything as the original plans, for what went on to become the Greater London Council, in 1965, were scaled back considerably and excluded the borough.

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To view Mr Stringer’s blog on the issue click here.