This is the moment a member of Wimbledon's titled gentry was drenched with a bucket of ice-cold water.

Lord Dean David Burr, of Garfield Road, joined the global craze of being soaked with freezing water to raise money for charity on Saturday.

The craze started in the United States, where celebrities including Justin Timberlake and Bill Gates are among those to have got soaked to raise funds for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ( ALS ) Association.

Lord Burr, 34, said: "I was nominated by my personal assistant, Reece, who was thinking I wouldn't do it.

"It was absolutely freezing and Reece is an expert because if you look carefully he tips it down my back first and it was freezing.

Lord Burr, who runs Wimbledon pest control company Lords Environmental, donated £100 to the ALS Association and Macmillan Cancer Support using the hash tag #Icebucketchallenge.

Meet Wimbledon's little-known Lord, who also owns a pest control company.

He said: "It's like the no make-up selfie which raised a lot of money for charity and got people involved.

The idea came from former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, whose career ended after he was diagnosed with ALS, a spinal disease which can lead to muscle spasms, speech impediments and even paralysis.

Once the challenge is completed, the plucky participant then nominates someone else to take on the challenge.

They can either accept and donate money to the person's chosen charity, or pay £100 to the charity.

Lord Burr nominated friends Lord Stephen Young, Lord Brett Mclean of Hastings and Marc Povey.