A ‘panicked suspect’ seen removing surgical gloves a minute after the brutal attack which left a father with life-changing injuries is being sought by police.

Police say new CCTV footage released this morning shows a ‘blood-spattered’ panicked man fleeing through the New Wimbledon Theatre car park.

The footage was about a minute after the attack which left academic Paul Kohler, 55, with a shattered eye socket and forehead as well as extensive bruising.

Police said the images show a man removing surgical gloves worn during the crime and this is the last moment he is spotted on CCTV. 

Detectives are still hunting two men who fled the scene on foot.

Images show the man, aged in his twenties or thirties, walking through the car park behind the theatre in The Broadway just after 10pm on Monday night.

Officers are still looking for two men who took part in the attack, both thought to be of Eastern European origin.

Detective Inspector Dan O'Sullivan, of Merton Burglary Squad, said: "This new piece of CCTV is crucial in the identification of one of the outstanding suspects, and we are calling to anyone who recognises this man to come forward.

"It is my firm belief that this man and his other outstanding associate would have been stained with blood spatter from the violent attack inside the house.

"Both were also wearing white surgical gloves when they fled. Whilst they attempted a quick exit, I'm sure that members of the public would have seen them.

"The victim currently remains in hospital and is awaiting surgery to an extreme eye injury which has lead to the fracture of his socket.

"The level of violence used is unprecedented for this borough and we believe that the motive for this horrendous crime is purely for financial gain, and the attackers thought there was cash within the property.

"We continue to appeal for information regarding a silver car the suspects may have used."