Bowls players recreated the day their club opened by dressing up in period frocks, top hats and long coats at a gala day.

The Mill Hill Bowls Club was opened in 1919 and members celebrated its 95th birthday with a look back at its best moments.

In an uncanny coincidence, 63 people signed up to the team – and more than nine decades on, it still has the same number of players.

This Is Local London:

The tea party was attended by Mayor of Barnet Councillor Hugh Rayner and his wife Susan, who joined in with a game of bowls.

President Bryan Gilbert said: ““We’re pleased we were all able to make it to see the club’s 95th anniversary, it certainly is a good achievement.

“We had a brilliant time at the anniversary celebrations and it was lovely replicating the first day it opened.

“The mayor is a smashing bloke, he really got into it and everyone had a lot of fun.”

The club was originally situated in Clarence Sports Club, in Grahame Park Way, but was moved to Mill Hill Park, in Daws Lane, five years later.

During the celebrations, the president and the captain held a mini-tournament and the Barnet Blind and Partially Sighted team also joined in on a game.

This Is Local London:

Mr Gilbert, 76, joined the club in 1988 with his wife Cynthia, and the pair have been playing ever since.

He added: “The club is a fantastic place. It’s nice to get away from every day rushing around and it gives you a good social life.

“It’s a beautiful social game – you can meet your friends and have a bit of wine after the game and it’s a nice, relaxing thing to do.

“We’re very proud our club has lasted 95 years.”

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