This week has been all go. I guess that is like every week, but these last seven days feel more like 14.

Not because anything bad has happened, simply because so much has happened.

I am not sure I’ll be able to tell you everything in my short column, but I’ll do my best.

My baby daughter took her first couple of steps, which was so exciting. We were all there to see it and even she let out an exclamation of “wow” (her favourite word at the minute).

She loves the rough and tumble with her older brother, which is a good thing, as my son has all of a sudden become this massive ball of energy, bounding around the house.

The decibels have increased, the talking doesn’t stop and inquisitiveness has reached new heights.

Also this week, I became an aunt again. It’s always exciting when you hear of babies entering the world, but extra special when the extended family grows.

My niece popped out so quickly, she was delivered by her father on the bed at home. What drama.

The Underwoods love eating, so we made sure we went to the Kingston Food Festival this week.

The market square looked fabulous and so did all the food stalls enticing us to taste their products.

Unfortunately, we are cutting back on overeating as Michael and I are trying to get rid of our pregnancy tummies, so we couldn’t completely indulge, but it was fun nonetheless.

Finally, with all the washing up, baking, putting the bins out, changing the linen and sorting out builders to fix the worktops, it’s been a pretty bog standard week. All I want to do right now is sleep.