A volunteer at a Kingston language school has said the best thing about helping budding Gujarati speakers is the satisfaction you get from helping in the community.

Ramila Lancefield, 59, has been a regular face around Kingston Gujarati School, which has run from Hollyfield School in Surbiton Hill every Friday evening for six years.

The Worcester Park grandmother is a dab hand at admin, hosts staff meetings at her house every month and is always there to offer a lift to those in need.

The Manor Way resident said: "If I can help I will. It’s not about what I have got it is about what I can give - and I can give a lot of my time.

"There is always lots to do from ordering stationary and books, taking the young children to the toilet, helping with assemblies and bringing in food for celebrations like Diwali and Christmas.

"The satisfaction you get from helping is the best thing. I am very passionate about helping the community."

Mrs Lancefield enjoys going to the gym and running marathons in her spare time. She also likes to host dinner parties and cook.

Nilakshi Soni, from Kingston Gujarati School, said: "She never says no, she always finds a way to help or solve a problem.

"She is a really good organiser and has always taken the lead on most school functions especially around the arrangement of meals and refreshments.

"She is always giving lifts to teachers and parents who cannot get to school. She unconditionally takes a teacher home on most Fridays right up to Croydon and only reaches home nearer to midnight.

"Without Ramila we wouldn't have an organised and professionally functioning school."

On being nominated an unsung hero, Mrs Lancefield said: "I was really taken back. It’s just really natural for me to do these things but I do feel proud."

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