A woman is being sought by police in Waltham Forest for spending money on stolen bank cards. 

Suspect 153487 is wanted in connection with fraud at Sainsbury's in High Street, Wallthamstow, on June 13 at around 2.30pm. 

The bank cards used in Sainsbury's belonged to a shopper who was robbed of her handbag ten minutes before just yards away in Poundland, in Selbourne Walk.

She is seen on CCTV walking around the supermarket picking up bottles of alcohol and other goods before heading towards the till. 

Several transactions were attempted and declined, but she managed to authorise a £203 transaction on a credit card by signature, not chip and pin, before the cards were blocked.   

The CCTV image has been released to the Guardian as part of a joint venture with the Metropolitan Police to identify potential perpetrators of unsolved crimes in the borough.

Anyone with information is asked contact Waltham Forest police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.