A group of travellers who moved on to land in Esher this week could remain there until the end of next week.

The travellers moved on to Cobbs Green, in Lower Green Road, overnight on Sunday, August 3, after they were made to move on from nearby Weston Green days earlier.

It is believed the travellers then moved to the Pavillion Sports Club, Hurst Lane, East Molesey before making their way to Esher.

But the travellers could remain at the Esher green space until at least August 15 after Elmbridge Council was unable secure a court hearing for a possession order until this date.

An Elmbridge Council spokesman said: "The travellers will then be issued with the court order which excludes them from the site.

"Should the travellers decide not to leave the site voluntarily, further legal action will be taken to remove the travellers from the land."

The council said a full clear up of the site would be scheduled for as soon as the site was secured.