A pawnbroker whose motorbike was vandalised on Monday night said he feels he is being "victimised".

John Freeze, owner of Johnny Cash Pawnbrokers in Epsom High Street, which has been raided twice this year, said he believes his mototcycle was deliberately targeted after he parked it near the Odeon Cinema on Upper High Street at 7pm on Monday, August 4.

He said he suspects he was followed to the location and that the electrical cabling was ripped out of the bike’s engine sometime after midnight, causing £500 worth of damage.

Mr Freeze, who has contacted the police, has been told there is CCTV footage of the area.

He said: "I’m sure the incidents aren’t all linked but I feel bloody angry.

"I feel victimised.  Someone’s done this when we’re giving 10 per cent of the profits raised in our auction in September to the Poppy Appeal."

In June, robbers smashed their way into the shop and grabbed £6,000 worth of electronics.  In April, they snatched Rolex watches priced at £12,000.  The shop was also robbed in 2011.

After the June robbery, Mr Freeze vowed to stop selling items for sale in his shop - something he said has largely been implemented.