I must apologise profusely about not getting my column to you all last week.

I was in Glasgow for The One Show reporting for the Commonwealth Games and the hotel I was staying at had practically no wi-fi.

It was very frustrating, but I cannot complain as I managed to be in the stadium for the beginning of the opening ceremony of the momentous occasion.

Well, I am back with another weekly installment and it has been busy.

I hate being away from my family for work, so when I am back it is all stations go being a mum again, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Michael and I have started making plans for the children to begin sharing a room.

We dismantled the wardrobe with the help of my toddler, who is now two and a half going on 18. He wants to help, fix the house, clean and tell us what to do.

It is great, but also means it takes twice as long to get anything done. However, now that the children are getting older, we are having so much fun together.

This week we have been to Esher common where I was literally covered in ice-cream, had a few walks in Richmond Park and even been on some shopping trips.

On Monday it was mother and son day as we both headed to Westfield to get a few bits.

We jumped on the train and watched the world go by. My boy talked to anyone who would listen.

Once in the shopping centre, he was in his element – running around, helping himself to free food and loving the chance to look at everything on such a big scale.

I bought him some new slippers and a couple of toys so he was a very happy bunny.

Once home, he could not wait to tell his daddy and sister all about his adventure and I realised, once again, I had bought myself nothing.