This video shows freerunners using Sutton as their playground, flipping the town on its head with their unique way of getting around.

The sport is also referred to as Parkour and involves pacing through urban areas by running, climbing, and vaulting over obstacles.

Sutton is viewed as one of the best London boroughs for freerunning, with the concrete sprawl around the civic offices regarded as one of the top places to train.

Neil Leighton, 29, from Wimbledon, and Kuba Satola, 20, Joe Slade, 21, and Lawrence Rook, 18, all from Sutton, have been freerunning together in one form or another for about six years.

The friends are part of the wider London group United3Run, and put hours of practice into honing their skills.

Mr Leighton, who has been freerunning three years, said: "The sport is also dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

"A lot of people do not realise how much training we actually put in.

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The freerunners scale some of the tallest of buildings in the borough

"Parkour is the best feeling ever, when we are up on rooftops no one can bother on us, we can just look out over Sutton and feel completely free."

The group going freerunning nearly every day, and practice by Sutton church, down the high street, and at various disused buildings in the borough.

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Neil Leighton takes a leap of faith

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Hanging out in Sutton