A dog owner wants people to join her call for dangerous dog laws to be beefed up.

Cheam woman Shirley Preston wants the law to be changed so that a list of potentially dangerous dogs is drawn up and all breeds in the list are made to wear muzzles in public.

Ms Preston has been calling for the law to be changed after she was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier ten years ago but has become frustrated by the responses she has received.

Now she wants other people to join her calls in the hope that increased pressure will help her cause.

She said: "It's plain and simple to see - there needs to be more done about dangerous dogs.

"Now you see them all the time, Staffies, dogs like that, running around off their leads with no muzzles and then you read all the stories about attacks.

"There should be a list of breeds that are dangerous and they should always be on a lead and muzzled.

"I've tried speaking to [Sutton and Cheam MP] Paul Burstow  about it and northing's happened so now I want more people to show support and hopefully we can get something done.

Mrs Preston was walking with her daughter and her dog in Nonsuch Park 10 years ago when a Staffordshire bull terrier tried to bite their young dog. She picked the puppy up and held it over her head but the bigger animal jumped up and bit Mrs Preston in the face.

She now owns a labrador and, although she said her pet is not dangerous, she would not object to having it wear a muzzle when it is being walked.

If you would like to contact Mrs Preston to support her campaign, you can contact her on 0208 643 9811.