An 89-year-old man watched in horror as two large dogs cornered a terrified cat and ripped it apart in his garden.

Edward Lucraft, from Treadwell Road, Epsom, said he fears for his own safety after witnessing the brutal attack on Sunday, July 20.

Mr Lucraft said he was sitting indoors when two dogs suddenly flashed past him in his garden, on what appeared to be strong leads.

He said the white, fluffy dogs dragged a woman through his driveway, over a border and through small bushes in pursuit of a cat.

The pensioner said: "The cat had gone underneath a wheelbarrow. The two dogs had got there and were tearing away like mad."

Mr Lucraft rushed over and saw a "dying" cat with wounds on its side and a badly scratched face.

He said: "It had blood pouring from it. The thing looked absolutely terrified. It was dreadful. At this late age, to see a cat being mauled by two dogs was not very pleasant. I feel very sad."

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Bryan Barrington believes the victim was his missing cat

He said the woman kept hold of the leads and a called a man to the scene. He arrived with a cardboard box and they took the cat away. But Mr Lucraft, who often sits in his garden, remains shaken.

He said: "Suppose the lady brings those dogs past again. Have they a memory for where they trapped this cat and tasted blood?

"Would they want to pull in again? I feel vulnerable."

Mr Lucraft spotted a missing cat poster on a tree by his home and phoned its owner Bryan Barrington, who lives next door.

Mr Barrington said he believes his "sweet natured" cat, Jessie, was the victim of the attack and her fur was left at the scene.

He said: "I feel very sad because that cat has been with us 13 years and I feel angry at how her life ended.

"Her last memory of life was being mauled to death by two dogs in a garden."

Mr Barrington has contacted the police and wants the owner of the dogs to come forward. 

Surrey Police said they had been informed that two dogs killed a cat in Treadwell Road, Epsom, between noon and 1pm on Sunday, July 20. 

A spokesman said: "The offence does not fall under the Dangerous Dogs Act and at this stage no further criminal action will be taken.

"However officers are still making enquiries to trace the owner to speak to them about the incident and offer words of advice."

Mr Barrington wants anyone with more information to call him.

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