What does Surbiton mean to you?

One artist aims to gather mementos, images and the thoughts of residents to create a picture of how the town views itself.

Eventually a patchwork quilt will form and adorn an as-yet-undecided highly visible public structure to showcase the area.

Organiser Bobi Robson, from The Craft Inn, said: "I've asked people to bring along images and objects that inspire them about Surbiton.

"I want it to be as accessible as possible. I've found people get a bit scared when you ask them to sew.

"It's part of a wider project beginning to look into how people look at Surbiton.

"I want to see people saying, 'This is where I live and I'm proud of it.'"

  • The project's first workshop will take place at The Lamb in Brighton Road, at 6pm on Monday, August 4.