There are calls for an increased police presence in a neighbourhood following a stabbing on Thursday. 

Police were called to Higham Hill Road in Walthamstow at around 11pm after a 20-year-old shop worker was stabbed in the lower back at the junction with Gloucester Road.

He was attacked just yards from his place of work at the Co-Operative food store in Higham Hill Road and was taken to an east London police station as a priority.  

During the same evening, police arrested a 42 year-old male on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. 

Mothraj Sangiha of Banbury Road, Walthamstow, was charged yesterday with GBH and possession of a bladed article. 

Business owners, councillors and local residents are calling on police to have a permanent presence in the ward to deter further crime. 

Owner Marius Manga, 32, of Home-made Cafe in Higham Hill Road says police need to change their tactics. 

He said: "More police officers are needed. I was surprised to hear about the stabbing but I fear nothing will change. 

"I'm not scared for myself but for my daughter and wife. A solution for everybody is more patrols or plain-clothed officers stopping by regularly."

Arthur Edwards, 76, a resident in Higham Hill Road for over 35 years, remembers the murder of Chingford Police Sergeant Alan King in 1991. 

He said: "We need a police presence, not to pester people but to show them it is not a place to commit crime. 

"This is not a violent area, it is a beautiful area and we want to emphasis this but it is counter-productive if police are never here or just drive past in their cars.

"We want police to deter it from happening. People hanging around late at night or drinking and smoking weed need to be stopped, warned, and moved on."

The 20-year-old Co-Operative worker has since been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home. 

Raymond Oke, 37, of Arthur Long sweet shop in Higham Hill Road, said the lack of police presence will be highlighted at a community ward forum meeting on Friday. 

"It happened right outside my front door. It's quite shocking to be honest as it's fairly quiet round here. 

"The lack of police presence is a big issue for us especially since Boris Johnson's new policing model.

"It means our officers are all lumped in with Hoe Street and High Street.   

"Police community support officers and beat officers -we see them very infrequently," said Mr Oke.

The manager of Betfred in Higham Hill Road claims he has seen police officers on foot patrol once in the past year.       

Sangiha has been remanded in custody to appear at Thames Magistrates Court on 2 August 2014.