A father-of-two was horrified to discover the bottom of his takeaway pizza was covered in green mould - after eating almost a whole slice.

Matt Hewett, 41, bought a Deluxe pizza from Domino's in Tolworth Broadway, and had planned to share it with his son Finlay, five.

But as he raised the crust of the first slice to dip it in barbecue sauce, he spotted a speck of green on the base.

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The entire pizza was covered in mould

Turning over the rest of the pizza he found it completely covered in the mould.

Mr Hewett, of Chessington, said: "It's just revolting. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. It was just coated in green mould.

"My son was in the bath, thankfully, because he was going to have some too.

"I immediately phoned the branch back in Tolworth. I said, 'You've just delivered me a pizza covered in mould.'"

Mr Hewett described the customer service he received after his purchase last Tuesday evening as "abysmal" and "dismissive".

This Is Local London:

Matt Hewett - now armed with mould remover

He said he got a more satisfactory response by posting these photos on the company's Twitter and Facebook pages, and was eventually refunded the cost of the pizza.

He added he suffered stomach cramps the day after eating the mouldy pizza.

A Domino's spokeswoman said: "Food quality is of upmost priority and we are working with the franchisee of the Tolworth store to conduct a full and thorough investigation.

"This complaint appears to be an isolated one from a store that usually has very good food hygiene scores."

Mr Hewett said he was surprised to learn the branch was given a five-star food hygiene rating on the Food Standards Agency website in June.

He added: "Still, no one has told me how I've eaten mould. They must know. They don't need an investigation."