A bolt of lightning ‘sounded like a bomb going off’ when it struck a pharmacy in Morden today.

Miraculously nobody was injured when lightning hit the roof of Rowlands Pharmacy in St Helier Avenue this afternoon.

Firefighters from Wimbledon were called to the scene but there was no fire and crews made the scene safe by putting a cordon up around the shop and clearing away loose tiles which had fallen from the roof.

Kirtida Sheth runs the pharmacy with her husband and was in the building when the lightning bolt hit the roof, sending tiles cascading to the pavement below.

Mrs Sheth said: "It was horrible.

"We were doing our work when all of a sudden there was a huge bang like a bomb had been dropped on the shop.

"I looked up and there was debris from the roof falling on us."

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Firefighters sweep tiles from the pavement. Picture: Claire Armstrong. 

Mrs Sheth was one of four members of staff there when the bolt hit just after 1pm on Friday, July 25.

She said it was lucky nobody was hurt and due to health and safety reasons was not letting customers into the shop for the rest of the afternoon.

Despite this, a lot of people were arriving to collect their prescriptions.

Mrs Sheth added: "I am still shaking.

"It’s a mess.

"We saw the storm and watched the rain come down, then this happened."

Claire Armstrong, who lives in St Helier Avenue, said: "We had some big flashes then this one hit the roof.

"The chimney is cracked.

"I can’t believe the damage to the tiles."

The building is owned by Merton Council.

This Is Local London:

Damage to the roof. Picture: Claire Armstrong.