Men who attempted to buy Rolex watches using fake IDs to secure 0% finance deals have been jailed.

Alvin Baffour, 22 years-old, of Thornton Heath and Brandon Sakyiama-Collins, also 22, of Mitcham carried out fraud attempts across the south of England before being caught out in Maidstone, Kent.

Between 6 and 11 January 2014 Baffour attended jewellery stores in Bristol, Guildford, Brighton, Canterbury and Maidstone and presented utility bills and debit cards as proof of identification to try and buy expensive watches on finance.

Sakyiama-Collins acted as a driver and was responsible for arranging the stolen identities.

The pair’s scheme failed on each occasion with the exception of an attempt in a store in Bristol, where a watch was obtained worth £5,300 which has not been recovered.

It was in Maidstone on 11 January that they were finally caught.

Staff became suspicious of Baffour while his application was being processed so he left, but was followed by a security guard. Baffour then ran, but was chased and detained by police officers and security staff.

Sakyiama-Collins was seen on CCTV to watch these events unfold and was also arrested. The car the pair travelled to Maidstone in was found containing various fake utility bills.

Having pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court to fraud on 23 July Sakyiama-Collins was sentenced to 16 months in prison and Baffour was sentenced to 14 months.