Worried residents are raising the alarm for the plight of groups of abandoned horses at several locations across the borough.

Concerns have been raised about a group of horses left on waste ground in Chantilly Way, Epsom - the site on which three horses nicknamed Chantilly Fillies were left last year, before being removed by their owner in January when the Department of Health, which owns the land, threatened to evict them.

A second group, consisting of up to nine horses, has also been spotted on land next to the LA Fitness centre in Banstead Road, Ewell

Of the Banstead Road horses, resident Joanne Morris said: "They have no supplementary feed, no water, other than a bucket supplied by kind workers at LA.

"They've dropped weight.  They are not regularly visited or checked on.

"RSPCA say their hands are tied and they have to act within the law. 

"However knowingly leaving horses without access to fresh water is a deliberate act of cruelty."

This Is Local London:

A RSCPA spokeswoman said it is aware of both sets of horses and has made regular visits to check on their welfare. 

She said: "The horses in Chantilly Way are different horses to those on the same site last year.

"The RSPCA and other horse welfare charities can only remove animals if the law allows us to do so and in this case the horses are clearly being fed, given fresh water and have some had owners visiting them, although we have not been able to trace these owners.

"We share concerns about the horses near Banstead Road and have arranged for them to be seen by a couple of vets. 

"We are working with the owners to try and improve their welfare and will continue to check on them regularly."

This Is Local London:

The spokeswoman said the country is experiencing a "horse crisis" and that it is struggling to cope with the numbers of abandoned, neglected and abused horses.

She added: "We are also calling for better enforcement of legislation surrounding identification so that we can trace the owners of neglected or mistreated horses."

Surrey Police are making enquiries.

Contact the RSPCA by calling 0300 1234 999.