Fears of a Croydon-style rave on Wimbledon Common over the weekend turned out to be unfounded after only around 100 people gathered for a peaceful party.

The borough commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Macleod, implored parents in his weekly message last Friday to "dissuade" children from attending an 'End of Year Party' advertised on social media for Saturday night.

Nearly 2,000 young people signed up to attend the event on Pinvents, and police feared it would become a magnet for violent criminals and drug dealers one month after a 15-year-old died after attending an illegal rave in Croydon.

Responding to reports of a pre-planned unlicensed music event on the Common on Friday night, officers arrived at the scene at about 7pm to find approximately 100 people gathered playing no music.

No arrests were made and police said the people left the area soon after. It appears the 'End of Year Party' planned for Saturday night was called off.

An illegal rave also planned on social media site Pinvents for Wandsworth Common last month was cancelled after police sealed off low-security buildings and warned people not to attend.